27th April 2015


buildingSMART UK & Ireland develop and contribute to the work being undertaken by the buildingSMART Standards Committee:


Links to all of the Standards, Tools and Services that buildingSMART can aided in the development of can be found here.

These standards have led to the development of a number of products including:

These developments are done through a series of rooms and groups which are outlined below.


Rooms are open groups of people and organizations focusing on a specific domain or context.  buildingSMART UK & Ireland contribute to the following rooms:

  • Building
    • Guidelines Working Group
    • COBie Group
  • Infrastructure
    • IFC for Roads Group*
    • IFC for Bridges Group*
    • Asset Management Requirement Definition Study Group*
    • Integration of Spatial and Built Environment data Group*
  • Product
    • bSDD Working Group
    • Dictionaries Technical Support Group
    • Product Templates & BIM Objects Group*
  • Technical
    • Model Support Group
    • Implementation Support Group
    • Technical Advisory Group
    • Linked Building Data Group*
    • Augmented Reality Group*
  • Regulatory
    • Individual Certification Working Group
    • Automated Code Checking Group*
    • e-submission Guidelines Group*

*Working groups currently being formed


Groups are created by rooms and are formed to address a specific issue or requirement.  Groups are include above under each of their respected rooms.  These rooms are then further subdivided into two categories.  Support Groups which deliver support, know-how and advice, and Working Groups which aim to produce a deliverable as a solution to the issue or requirement they are addressing.


buildingSMART manages a software compliance programme, with others currently under development.