Change in BuildingSMART UK & Ireland Secretariat

As of 1 October 2016 BRE will be stepping down as the Secretariat for BuildingSMART UK & Ireland; this responsibility is being transferred and will vest with CIRIA (Construction Industry Research and Information Association). BRE will continue to be a key member and play an active role on various groups supporting the aims of BuildingSMART.

Members of BuildingSMART UK & Ireland will have received an email about this change today.

Due to the change of Secretariat it will be necessary to transfer the details of members from BRE to CIRIA. So that you can continue to be a member you will need to authorise us to transfer your personal information to CIRIA for the purposes of BuildingSMART UK & Ireland. You can do this simply by responding to the email.

As your information will then be held by CIRIA you will also need to accept their Terms and Conditions for controlling your information, which were included in the email. Again you can do this simply by replying to the email.

I should also confirm that whilst the Secretariat of BuildingSMART UK & Ireland is changing, the benefits and entitlements of membership will remain the same.

So to continue to enjoy the benefits of membership please respond to the email. If for any reason you have not received the email about this change, then please contact us at

Thank you

For and on behalf of BuildingSMART UK & Ireland

Dr Anne Kemp