UK BIM Alliance


QuoteAn industry transformed by collaborative relationship and digital working.


This is the vision of the newly formed UK BIM Alliance, the industry led alliance set up to respond to the challenges set by the Government to achieve BIM Level 2.  We at buildingSMART UK & Ireland wish to realise true societal, environmental and economic benefits through open shareable asset information.  As such our visions are well aligned, leading to a natural unity between both of our non-profit organisations.

Following the Launch of BIM Level 2 in April of this year, it was established that there was a need for an industry led organisation to take ownership of BIM Level 2 to ensure it permeates into the UK construction industry.  For this reason, the UK BIM Alliance has been established.  Launching formally in October, the alliance already consists of over fifty industry organisations including: Institutes (such as CIOB, ICE & CIAT), Communities (such as BIM4SME, Women in BIM, and the BIM regions), and Organisations (such as Digital Construction Week, BRE, and BSI).

Speaking on behalf of the transition team our Vice-Chair Anne Kemp stated:

“Upon its launch in October, the UK BIM Alliance will provide clear, guiding leadership for industry on BIM Level 2 which makes the true benefits – the cost and waste reductions; the increased productivity and competitiveness – easily understandable and obtainable for all. This will build on, and remain aligned with the Government’s programme for publicly procured projects”.

BuildingSMART UK & Ireland is therefore happy to announce its formal support of the UK BIM Alliance as well as our role as one of the composing organisations.  Much like the UK BIM Alliance, collaboration is at the heart of the buildingSMART approach, we are excited to work together to help transform our industry for the better.